In 2013 I built my first 3d printer. An opensource FDM Prusa-Mendel I2. In 2014 I had built myself another one, and by 2015 I had made a third. Each iteration was a complete upgrade from the last, rebuilding from the ground up by basing the builds on well-proven designs and adding my own custom features and components.



My first foray into CNC machines. In 2012 I built a small desktop CNC Mill. I used it throughout my final year at school, but ultimately decommissioned it due to its lack of power and build volume. The build provided a wealth of knowledge on precision and tolerances, stepper motor controllers and CAM software. This was an excellent foundation for my later builds of a laser cutter and the 3d printers.  


After using them constantly at School, I decided I would quite like one of my own. Space and budget however restricted me to a small desktop laser imported from China. I then imported new electronics from the US,  rebuilding it from the chassis up to convert it from the original analogue system to a digitally controlled setup.